By Pharmicell Lab
By Pharmicell Lab

Background of By Pharmicell Lab

By Pharmicell Lab is the cosmetic brand of Pharmicell, which possess the world’s first adult stem cell therapy product development technology. Based on this world-class technology, By Pharmicell Lab creates skincare cosmetics that contain human stem cell conditioned media and other skin friendly elements and nano-liposome for skin rejuvenation.




By Pharmicell Lab is a bio-cosmetic brand of Pharmicell,

the world’s first autologous stem cell therapy product research company 

Cosmetic: By Pharmicell Lab Luxury

The main ingredient of By Pharmicell Lab Luxury is human bone marrow stem cell conditioned media, which contains human cytokines, growth factors and proteins for improving the self-repairing ability of skin. Aall the products have completed the skin irritation test, it is suitable for all skin types
Since the launch of the skincare products, there has been lots of media coverage of By Pharmicell Lab, such as magazine advertisements, celebrity endorsements, blogger reviews and TV drama sponsorship. These successfully create lots of attention to the brand and many positive feedbacks are received.

About By Pharmicell Lab Luxury

By Pharmicell Lab Luxury Cell Performance Toner (130ml)

  • This is a moisture and density toner to make your skin moist, vivid, nutritious, healthy and glossy.
  • It gently cleanses dry skin to keep it moist after washing.
  • It is a non-stick gel type that included various beneficial ingredients and it absorbs into skin tenderly.

By Phrmicell Lab Luxury Cell Performance Eye Cream (20g)

  • With beneficial ingredients and ginseng extract included, this eye cream effectively infiltrates into your skin, thusmoisturizes and brightens your eye-skin.

By Phrmicell Lab Luxury Cell Performance Serum (45ml)

  • This is wrinkle-improving high density serum to neutralize and vitalize your aging skin.It is soft moist serum that cleanses your skin and keeps your skin healthy and silky.

By Phrmicell Lab Luxury Cell Performance Emulsion (130ml)

  • This milky emulsion moisturizes and neutralizes your skin to become healthy and glossy. It rapidly absorbs into your skin.

By Phrmicell Lab Luxury Cell Performance Cream (50g)

  • It effectively moisturizes, neutralizes and synthetically takes care of dry skin. This elasticity- caring cream nurtures your tires skin, and keeps it healthy interaction of valid ingredient.

Main Ingredients of By Pharmicell Lab Luxury

Human Bone

Marrow Stem Cell 

Hollyhock Extract

Aloe Vera

Panax Ginseng Extract

Certificate of Human Bone Marrow Stem Cell




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